Early Learning Success Begins with Books at Home


Fayette Ferst Foundation is the recipient of an annual grant from Speedway Children's Charities in the amount of $1500.00. This grant will help us to continue mailing books to the children registered in Fayette County and support childhood literacy in our county.

We received a $3600 semi-annual Fall grant from Clothes Less Traveled.  Fayette County Ferst is so appreciative of this grant and the support for childhood literacy.  CLT's sponsorship is allowing us to come close to our goal of registering 1000 children.  Remember to donate your household goods and clothes to CLT as this allows them to sponsor non-profits such as Ferst Foundation.

In addition, Cindy Putters, a Community Action Team volunteer with Ferst, was named volunteer of the month at Clothes Less Traveled and was given $2000 to donate to the charity of her choice.  She chose Ferst Foundation for this donation. Cindy is much appreciated for all she does for the Fayette Ferst Foundation.

We owe a big THANK YOU to the Flat Creek Niners.  On August 30, 2016 the Flat Creek Niners, an all-women’s golf team, hosted a golf tournament at Flat Creek Country Club.  All proceeds of that tournament were donated to the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy – Fayette County!!! 

The teams did a tremendous job of fundraising for the tournament and donated $11, 276.29 to Fayette Ferst.  To put that amount into perspective, that will provide 1 book per month for a year to 313 registered children (ages 0-5) in Fayette County.  What a wonderful gift of literacy from this great club.  We cannot thank you enough for this generous donation.

We want to thank the following golfers who played in the tournament:  Maile Jones, Kathy Howell, Brenda Inman, Carol Doerr, Ally Griffies, Suzette Walston, Jo Muratti, Linda Wyatt, Cathy McDonald, Teresa Casey, Susan Hebelka, Sharon Harper, Alicia Fox, Elaine Yarborough, Lynn Amos, Evie Harris, Kim Chapple. Geri Erens, Susan Ruhala, Kathy Aspden, Janet Egan, Annie Davis, Lorene Barron, Pat Wand, Lenna Siderius, Jan Green, Sheila Ostrofsky, Lee Sasser, Sandy Schenck, Shelly Wieland, Ruth Campbell, Jane Carter, Alice Todd, Kathy Crocker-Paridon, Lori Shrader, Sue Slade, Linda Sherwin, Nancy Waller,Lisa Blanchar, Margaret Alford, Dale Tyson, Tina Arnold, Jean McAdoo, Betty Gaver, Sue Reed, Babs Whalley, Sonya Murphy, Rita Briggs, Gail Lindskog, Kathy Hawks, Susan Triunfo, Karen Bultman, Nylsa King, Joyce Lenhardt, and Joan Maxwell.

We also want to thank the following people and companies who were Hole Sponsors ($100 each) for the tournament:  Inserve, Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance, Karen Bultman Photography, Mellow Mushroom, Seldon Properties, Tamara Bourne Realty Team (sponsored 4 holes), Tout Sweets, Yamaha Golf Carts, Rita and Lee Briggs, Ortho Atlanta, Sheila Ostrofsky Mahjong Group, and Danny Nungesser.

What a pleasure it was to work with this enthusiastic, supportive, and generous group of women.  The time and hard work you donated to support Ferst Foundation – Fayette County is greatly appreciated, and you certainly surpassed our expectations.  Thanks again for all you did for the children that we support in our community.




Clothes Less Traveled presents a spring semi-annual grant check to Ferst Foundation.

From left to right: Nancy Tompkins, staff, CLT; Jennie Loper, Store Manager, CLT; Erin Hedge, FFCL; Wendy Binfield, Board of Directors, CLT; Lynn Saleeby, FFCL; and Rachael Booker, Volunteer, CLT.

The Peachtree City Rotary Club has again generously supported Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy with a donation of $3220  that will support 90 children receiving books in the mail for a year. The PTC Rotary Club's ongoing support has allowed us to continue registering over 800 children.

Fayette Daybreak Rotary Club made a donation to FFCL.  Their interst in childhood literacy will support children receiving age- appropriate books in the mail every month.

Green Oil has made a donation to Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. We thank them for their support of childhood literacy in Fayette County.

Clothes Less Traveled (CLT) is a great supporter of Ferst Foundation in Fayette County. Not only have they given us several grants during the past two years, but their volunteers are also very generous. Each year, CLT provides Holiday Bonus Awards in the names of volunteers to honor their service and dedication. These volunteers then donate their bonus to a local charity. This past holiday, three volunteers each donated their $2000 Bonus Award to Ferst Foundation in Fayette County.

Thanks to Marie Kane, Susan Almon, and David Lee Dexter for selecting Ferst Foundation in Fayette County as the recipient of their awards which totaled $6000. To put this in perspective, this donation will provide 166 registered children one book a month for one year.

We encourage our families to support CLT, a not-for-profit thrift store that provides gently-used household goods and clothing at fair and reasonable prices.

The Peachtree City Walmart has selected Fayette Ferst Foundation to receive a $500 Community Grant.  We are so appreciative of their donation that will help us to continue mailing age-appropriate books to the almost 800 children currently registered in the Fayette County.


The Fayetteville Walmart has selected Fayette Ferst Foundation to receive a $500 Community Grant. This grant will help us to continue mailing age-appropriate books to the 830 children currently registered in the Fayette County.  FFCL sincerely thanks Fayetteville Walmart for their support of childhood literacy.

2015 Community Expo

Sponsored by Fayette Chamber
Date: September 22, 2015
Time 3:00PM—7:00 PM
New Hope Baptist Church South Campus
FREE Admission

Fayette Ferst will have a booth at the Expo to provide information about the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy. Come visit us as we spread the word about our mission and secure donations to continue to mail books to our registered children. If your child receives Ferst books, drop by our booth and let us know.

We will be registering children birth to age 5 and will have a raffle for a year's worth of books for a child and an adult bestseller.

The Clothes Less Traveled Trift Shop in Peachtree City presents Erin Hedge with a generous grant. From left to right are Miranda Martin, Assistant Manager of Clothes Less Traveled; Erin Hedge, Ferst Foundation; Wendy Binfield, Board of Directors; Jennie Loper, Clothes Less Traveled Store Manager; Dick Allis, Board of Directors; and Chuck Powers, Board of Directors.

We deeply appreciate the support of doners like Clothes Less Traveled and encourage everyone to shop at their store at 459 Highway 74 in Peachtree City where you can find an amazing variety of items.

Erin Hedge recently gave a presentation to the Peachtree City Rotary Club and experssed our appreciation to Ed Oxbow, President of the Peachtree City Rotary, and its members for their generous support.

Fayette County's Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy receives  a check from the Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America located in Peachtree City.  Fayette Ferst is very appreciative of Panasonic's support of Ferst and childhood literacy. Pictured above from left to right are: Stephen Childs, HR Director; Stephen Bothe; Erin Hedge, Ferst Foundation CAT Leader; Tom Gebhardt, President;Dustin Maddox, Charities Committee member; and Paul Schultz, Charities Committee member.

Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy supporters attending the Chick-fil-A Foundation's 2015 Winter Gala at Pinewood Studios in Fayetteville, GA. This is the second year that the Chick-fil-A Foundation has sponsored this fund raising event for local charities.


Clothes Less Traveled has made Fayette Ferst Foundation a recipient of their semi-annual grants in 2014. This grant is supporting 200 children who receive books in the mail each month. Fayette Ferst is registering additional children through the thrift store that will benefit from the Ferst Foundation program. Our Community Action Team has spent time in the book section of the Clothes Less Traveled Thrift Shop talking to shoppers about our program and registering pre-schoolers on the spot. We greatly appreciate the support of one local charitable organization for another.

Fayette Ferst was nominated by Susan Almon of Clothes Less Traveled to receive a Holiday Award as part of their volunteer recognition program. We are very grateful to be chosen for this award.

The PTC Rotary funded the initial 50 children registered at the beginning of the program in 2011 here in Fayette County. They have been annual sponsors in supporting Fayette Ferst and allowing us to mail over 5700 books in 2014. Their commitment to childhood literacy in Fayette County, has been instrumental in the growth of Ferst Foundation in Fayette County.

The Fayette County Board of Realtors chose the Fayette Ferst Foundation as one of the 7 non-profits that money was raised for through two events;  Fayette Celebrity Dancers and Noel November. Fayette Ferst enjoyed being included in both events that allowed us to participate with the community. This donation allows us to continue to register children and mail books to the almost 600 registered pre-school children each month.

As a major corporation located here in Fayette County, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, has made a donation to Fayette Ferst in the support of childhood literacy locally. This was made possible through the support and sponsorship of a Panasonic employee that supports the Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy program.

The Fayette Ferst Foundation appreciates the generous grant from Target of Fayette County. Their support and donation helps us meet our commitment to provide books every month to pre-school children.